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Child Protective Services threatening to block father's access to child unless father agrees to psychological evaluation

Your Question:
Child was take from mother because of neglect. Now CPS is trying to block visits unless dad signs forms submitting to evaluation by psycs... before he is allowed to see his child. They could not prove neglect no no bonding between him and his child in TPR trial, Dont they have to have very good reason such child abuse to block visits?

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My Answer:

Boy, on this one, you'll have to consult with a family law attorney in your area. It would be my guess that CPS needs probable cause to get orders from a court, but that the court is probably inclined to grant orders requested. But again, you need to talk with an attorney, PRONTO, to make sure you know your rights.

Seek recommendations from friends, co-workers, or family members.

Some family law attorneys offer free consultation. Some may charge one hundred to three hundred dollars for a consultation.

Even if you don't retain an attorney, you'd walk out of that meeting with a better understanding of the legal issues involved in your case.

I'd suggest that you approach the attorney with the attitude of, "I just need to know at what point I'd really need to retain someone."

This way, you'll find out at what point you're REALLY in hot water and when it's time to call in the calvary via an attorney. Additionally, you're more likely to potentially get better attention from an attorney if it seems as though you're getting prepared to retain one.

Ask any attorneys you see about their history in dealing with CPS. You'd want one who has a good history and understands the dynamics.


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