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Never married custodial mother moved to state where father's health insurance has no benefits

Your Question:
i have a court order for child support, and in that order, his father was ordered to provide health insurance for my son. we live in different states (we ended our relationship early in my pregnancy, and i moved back to my home state to be near my family - my son was born in the state that we live in. my sons father simply added my son to his insurance policy through his employer, and says that he is only obligated to provide insurance, not specific insurance. the policy he put my son on has no providers in the state that my son and i live in. so really this insurance is of no value to me. i still have to buy a policy for my son. i went through county that i live in to get support, and they say they won't enforce the insurance obligation, only the monetary issue. my son's father drug out the support case as long as he could - the judge finally put a "do not continue" stamp on the case, and has no interest in seeing his son, or making sure he is taken care of. he's just trying to get off as easy as he can financially. meanwhile, i have to turn over all back child support to the state to reimburse them for the health care they have provided for my son until now. is he correct in telling me that as long as he provides some kind of insurance, it doesn't matter if my son is able to use it or not? am i really supposed to schedule doctors visits, and make emergency room trips to a place 4 hours away?

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My Answer:

If the court order states that the father is required to provide health insurance for the child, he's not in contempt if he provides health insurance.

You'd argue that he has to provide health insurance that can be use no matter where you move.

He'd argue that it was your choice to move away, so why should he have to pay even more for health insurance?

You're saying that the judge doesn't want to deal with this case anymore, so you're likely going to be trying to pound sand just to get something resolved about this.

What I'd suggest is that you find a way to get health insurance for yourself and your child. Adding a child to a basic policy is not a huge amount of money.

It's probably time to come to peace with the fact that you had sex with a guy who doesn't want a child and who is only going to do the minimum required by law to support your child. In short, it would seem you made a horrible choice for your child's father.

Move on with your life, let the system take care of child support issues, and try to do as best you can for your son.

Things will improve. Focus on the future and build towards that.


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